PDP-11 Console Pictures

These were all taken with a 640x480 CCD mosaic camera. A characteristic of these cameras is that colors are affected by fine detail, so the colors are not accurate around writing and thin lines.

Full view of the Temple machine

Note that this machine has two labels pasted on the left side. The area under these labels is black. This machine has the full PDP-11/20 logo. Unfortunately, it does not work and the lamps have been replaced with LED's.

Closeups of the Temple machine

The DOD machine with lights

This is my original PDP-11. It is an older machine with just the PDP-11 logo. It works and has lights in the original form. The lights have a very characteristic look which comes from the bulb not quite centered in the thick circular mask. All but the momentary switches are in opposite positions in the first two pictures. Also note that the key is in the power switch. These pictures are rather dark but the lights can be brought out with careful correction.
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