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The IBM 7000 Series

IBM's second generation mainframe computers. There were several different types and lines. The lead type was the 7030 "Stretch", a very large and ambitious project with the goal of 100 times the performance of the 704. The Stretch was a 64-bit binary scientific machine. Much of the SMS circuitry and cabinets for the 7000 line were developed in the Stretch project, although the first machine to be delivered was the 7090 in 1959. The 7090, 7094, 7040 and 7044 derived from the first generation scientific machines, forming the 709x series. The 7080 was a followon to the 705, while the 7010 was a faster version of the 1410. The 7070 and 7074 were decimal machines with 10-digit word length. All of the 7000 series used core memory. The circuits used germanium alloy transistors in an emitter coupled configuration called current mode logic. All the logic was packaged on small printed circuit boards that held just a few logic gates. Like the 700 series the primary mass storage was 7-track tape, in all densities for compatibility. Disk storage was also available in sizes up to, eventually, 300 MB on 50 24-inch platters. There were also card readers and punches and line printers.


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