Bendix G15

Bendix G15

The G15 was a favorite of highway departments and ran some of the first "cut and fill" programs for major highways such as the Interstate system. Mine was used for that and more in Nebraska. It came with some software (on paper tape) and several manuals.


Here is a list of most of the manuals.

As I scan them they will appear below. The scans are in .pdf, go to Adobe for a reader.

Paper Tapes

Here are some paper tapes. This picture is of the tapes for Algo, sitting on my Addmaster reader. There is now a whole library of them in the collection, but some have been in water and will take some effort to recover.

The .pt files below are binary images of the paper tape in a canonical form with exactly 30 characters (3 inches) of leader on the front and back. All these tapes have been verified and are all now in the same format.


For much more information on the Bendix G15 see The Australian Computer Museum's Bendix G15 site.
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