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Paul Pierce's Computer Collection

IBM 709 Central Processor Front Panel

Collecting Computers

Follow this link for general information about the collection. There is also a page with information and links to other collectors, museums and organizations and some of my favorite books about old computers. And if you know of any old computers gathering dust, or if you are a pack rat like me and want a good home for your stuff, check out my wish list. All the pictures are of items in the collection.

Check out the article in the Wall Street Journal Friday, Oct. 30 1998.

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Before Computers

Before there were electronic digital computers there were adding machines, data processing machines and analog computers.

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The collection includes several IBM mainframe computers. These are complete systems in pretty good condition, including the first, second and fourth generations.

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The core of the minicomputer collection consists of 7 members of the Digital PDP-8 family, covering its entire evolution from Digital's first metal transistor logic modules to the final microprocessor version. There are also other minicomputers.

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Other stuff

In addition to the real old stuff there are some micros, workstations, and also supporting items such as furniture and test equipment.

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There are several ongoing projects associated with the collection, to preserve old software and documentation. The results of these projects usually end up in the Library.

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Questions, Resources

Do you have questions about old computers, need help, want to explore further? Click here for links and information.

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