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Letterpress Shop

The collection includes a complete small letterpress printing shop with some hand-set type, a Linotype and other hot-metal equipment, a Photo Lathe mechanical half-tone cut maker, cabinets and imposing stones, a Chandler & Price 10x15 New Style platen press with a Kluge feeder and a Miehle V50 vertical cylinder press.

This page will show the shop and its equipment some day. Its also a place for scans of some of the printing related manuals in the collection.

Chandler & Price platen press

12x18 Chandler & Price Old Style serial number D3283 (ca 1893) - this press is available as I have the other in better shape. Its dirty and rusty in places, and it has no rollers or motor, but it turns easily and is otherwise complete with one chase and a leather belt that fits the flywheel. There even seems to be some original paint under the crud in places.


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