IBM 709/7090/7094

The following software comes from the cards and tapes in my collection and tapes from Ohio. The tapes in my collection were read using the older program "t7" while the Ohio tapes were read and decoded with the most recent program "g7t". You can tell which is which because the more recent tapes have both a label and read log and a decode log.

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This is a simulator I wrote many years ago. It passes the 709 diagnostics on cards but not all of the 7090/94 diagnostics, particularly some tape diagnostics, and won't boot IBSYS. I have not worked on it recently except to move the source to more recent development tools.

For something to do, you might run the full diagnostic deck, which contains nearly all of the diagnostics which work in this version. Do it like this:

Start the simulator. You can skip the "o" commands by running sequence.bat.
Type "or sequence" to put the diagnostic deck in the reader.
Type "ou punch" to direct punch output to file "punch".
Type "o1a tape1a" to direct tape unit 1, channel A output to file "tape1a".
Leave the sense switches up.
Type "-000000100037" to set up the I/O devices in the switches.
 (This is the default, you don't have to do it.)
Type "lc" to load from cards.
Ignore the SPACE error from 9M05B, it occurs during the transition.
When the machine stops in 9B01A, type "st" (or just Enter, st is already there)
When the machine stops in 9T01A, type "st".
After the stop at 00064, type "lt".
When the machine stops in 9T02B, type "st".
The last diagnostic (9M08A) does not exit.
Exit with "q".

The diagnostic deck consists of:

	9M21A Basic CPU test
	9M04A Indirect addressing test (does not sign on)
	9M05B Floating point test
	9B01A Data channel test, tests card units and printer
	9B01HDAT Data for 9B01A (first section, SSW 5 up)
	9T01A Tape test 1
	9T02A Tape test 2
	9M08A Floating point simulation test (does not sign on, does not exit)

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