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Need help?

I specialize in larger, older systems, NOT microcomputers. If you need help with a mini, micro, CP/M, PC, workstation or other obsolete but relatively recent machine there are several collectors who might be able to help. There are many excellent links at the home page for the Vintage Computer Festival.

Museums, Societies, and Other Collectors

An excellent Web spot for anyone seriously interested in computer history is The Computer History Museum.

For another PDP-8 collector check out Doug Jones' PDP-8 Page. Doug also collects punch cards imprinted with logos of many institutions. There are a few minicomputer collectors out there, including my friends Jay Jaeger and Jim Willing. Also see Carl Friend. For a serious calculator collector see Erez Kaplan's Mechanical Calculating Machines.


Some of my favorite books are ones written by the engineers who designed and built the old machines. Some of these don't stay in print long, but you may be able to find them used or in a library.

From Dits to Bits... Herman Lukoff, Robotics Press 1979. ISBN 89661-002-0
A Few Good Men from Univac David E. Lundstrom, MIT Press 1987. ISBN 0-262-12120-4
Why Computers are Computers (The SWAC and the PC) David Rutland, Wren Publishers 1995. ISBN 1-885391-05-6

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