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Early IBM software

Original software, a manual and simulators for early IBM computers in the 1400 and 709x series - all the machine readable material currently in my collection, with a lot of help from friends and including a taste from a treasure trove in Ohio.

Original software was read from cards or 7-track tape into PC-readable form. All files are in a local standardized format which is documented in the tools section along with some conversion programs.

The 1401 Diagnostics Manual was scanned with a 300dpi black and white scanner and is presented in original form and in a 75dpi version for easier viewing.

Several simulators are included. I have not tested any of them myself (except the one I wrote, which is known not to work completely.) Many thanks to the authors for their their time and effort and permission to redistribute them with the original software.

This is a first release of this material in this form. It is not really complete but is intended to make it all available to the old iron enthusiasts to help preserve and interpret it.

Paul Pierce

November, 1998




Tools etc.

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